The Guide to Picking the Perfect Christian Wedding Gift

You've been invited to the wedding, now what?! I'm they type of gifter who really wants to give something that the new couple will love and cherish. I can't stand the thought of someone receiving my gift and being nonchalant about it or even worse, not liking it! This sounds all good and fine in theory but the reality of it is, I sometimes show up to weddings empty handed and then have to frantically send a gift right after. I get paralyzed by the decision of what to give. 

You might be wondering, why not just buy something off of their registry and put yourself out of your misery. You're right. That would definitely be a good way to go. But most of the time the wedding is of dear friends of ours, children of dear friends, a family member, a leader from our community or a colleague from work. In short, people we really care about and whom we really want to bless with our gift. Anyone can get them a set of hand towels and some serving platters but only we can give them a gift that will wow them, touch them, inspire them and be a lasting legacy. 

Giving a meaningful gift that is unique, beautiful and spiritual gives me a thrill. I love being the one to bestow such a gift on a new couple as they embark on their lives together. This was really the inspiration behind the custom framed pieces we've developed for The Verse's Christian Wedding Gift Collection.

You see, I didn't tell you the other side of the story, the one that reveals if something isn't easy, quick and simple for me then it's probably getting pushed to the bottom of my to-do list. 

That became a very important element to me. I wanted this wedding gift collection to be easy to gift. We custom frame every order by hand, include a gift message from you, package it up to arrive in perfect condition (no receipts or amount of purchase are included in the box) - all you need to do is pick the piece and checkout. Voila! After that we get busy and when we send your order on its way directly to the lucky recipients you can rest easy in the knowledge that you can show up at the wedding with nothing more on your mind then tearing up at the ceremony. You've just made a couple very happy and given them the blessings to start their new life together.