Collection: Birkat Habayit Wall Art


Birkat Habayit - Jewish House Blessing

Birkat Habayit, or the Blessing for the Home, is one of the most common verses found on decorative pieces in homes throughout the world. It contains a powerful, succinct prayer asking that no sorrow or trouble befall the home or its inhabitants, and that they instead be blessed with prosperity and joy.

If you’re looking for the ultimate piece to buy for your own home, Birkat Habayit is it. Attending a housewarming party or chanukaht habayit (home dedication) celebration? Commemorating a special anniversary, birthday, or other occasion? This is one of our most popular gifts to bless a home with all good things.

There truly is no place like home. This blessing is sublime in its simplicity. While we may wish for many things, at the end of the day, we know in our hearts that what truly matters is a peaceful and happy home.

Home is our refuge from the world. We are grateful for the roof over our heads and the fortune to share it with the ones we love. Birkat Habayit is the perfect expression of that gratitude. When we bless our homes with this profound prayer, we unlock the gates of peace, blessing, and abundance, allowing them to grace our homes and our lives.

If you are seeking a special and meaningful housewarming gift, the Jewish Blessing for the Home or Birkat Habayit (ברכת הבית in Hebrew) wall print is the perfect gift for you to give or get. This Jewish Home Blessing Print has the Jewish prayer for the blessing for the home in English & authentic Hebrew in a beautiful modern wall art print. It makes a wonderful housewarming or Chanukat Habayit gift.