Our Story

The Abraham Family
Hi there! We're the Abrahams. 

The Verse was born at a discussion at our Shabbat table one Friday night. We wanted to hang art on the walls of our new Jerusalem apartment, something meaningful and beautiful, that fit our modern and colorful home decor. Yet, a lot of the 'meaningful' art we found had a heavy and traditional look that we didn't love. So we set out to design our own Judaica and Jewish art in a clean and modern style based on our favorite texts from the Torah, Bible Verses, Psalms, Proverbs & Traditional Jewish Blessings.

We feel so blessed to live a principle-driven life filled with faith, spirituality, and practical wisdom that have been passed down to us from our parents and previous generations throughout thousands of years of Jewish history. We believe that that knowledge, often left to be discovered inside the pages of a book deserves to be displayed prominently as a constant reminder of the words we live by. We love the idea of surrounding ourselves with our values and beliefs in a way that enhances and adds beauty to our world

Inspiration for our prints come from the Jewish texts and core teachings of our sages. We pulled them one verse at a time from our bookshelf onto our walls. To project our walls with our faith in a beautiful and accessible way.

You will find that our prints will become a piece of home decor that you will treasure daily and gift to others you love. We want to make it easy for you to give a truly meaningful, personal and unique gift.

We now have over 100 unique verse and prayer designs, and are adding new ones each week. Our designs can be found on the walls of many homes and offices around the world, and are a popular choice for corporate or donor appreciation gifts.

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