Collection: The Deuteronomy Collection | Jewish Art, Scripture Gifts & Wall Hangings

The pieces of wall art in our Deuteronomy collection beautifully portray the foundations of our faith: love of God, acknowledgement of His Oneness, appreciation of the life He has granted us, and trust in Him in the face of adversity. 

Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your living space? Want to give a meaningful gift for a milestone anniversary or birthday? Searching for a uniquely beautiful housewarming present? Or trying to find a piece of art that connects the generations of your family in faith and practice? 

The Deuteronomy collection includes something for everyone. 

Choose a dramatic rendition of the Shema prayer, uttered daily around the world in Jewish prayer: “Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is One!” 

Pair the Shema with the morning blessing of Modeh Ani, “I give thanks to you, loving and eternal king, for you have mercifully restored my soul within me. Your faithfulness is great.” 

Convey the hopes that faithful generations will flourish with Hamalech Hagoel: “May they be teeming multitudes upon the earth.” 

Express the importance of faith in God during times of adversity with Deuteronomy 31:16: “Be strong and courageous! Be not in fear or in dread of them; for the Lord your God Himself marches with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. 

This entire collection succinctly describes a life devoted to worshipping God. Each piece of Deuteronomy wall art proclaims central tenets of our belief in God. 

In the Book of Deuteronomy, Moses reiterated God’s teachings to the Jewish nation before they entered the land of Israel. These verses contain the essential wisdom that was intended to keep the Israelites afloat spiritually, come what may. 

Hanging a piece from the Deuteronomy Collection in one’s home, expresses to all those who see it: These are the principles that express our belief in God. These are the cornerstones that guide our daily lives.