Collection: Aaronic Blessing Numbers 6:24-26 Wall Art & Gifts Collection

"The Lord Bless You and Keep You..." View our exclusive collection of Numbers 6:24-26 Priestly Blessing Scripture Wall Art Prints & Gifts. You will find meaningful art featuring the authentic Hebrew of the Aaronic Blessing and full english translation in a beautiful and modern design. 

The Aaronic, or Priestly Blessing puts into words the hope shared by humankind, asking God to bestow His goodness upon us. The verse is brief, yet contains multitudes. The simple words express all we could possibly ask for. Also known as birkat kohanim, this is the perfect wall art to gift loved ones for a variety of occasions. 

Picture the priests, or kohanim, standing before the congregation, hands elevated, chanting the Aaronic Blessing in unison, as they have done since biblical times:

May God bless you and protect you (or the alternative style of May the Lord bless you and keep you.) May God make His face shine upon you and treat you with grace. May God lift His face toward you and grant you peace.

The Aaronic Blessing Collection features the text of the verse portrayed in striking, minimalist style. We may lead busy lives, but this verse gives us pause. God’s presence in our lives is a gift. All that God does is just and good. He is the One who provides the abundance we long for.

When we hang the Priestly Blessing in our home, we invite God into the picture. We express to God, and to ourselves, that He is the source of goodness and blessing. When we see this verse displayed, we continually renew our awareness of God’s benevolence in our lives. 

Looking for a unique housewarming gift? Celebrating an anniversary? Seeking an original piece of art to gift someone for Mother’s or Father’s Day? Looking for wall art that says God is front and center in your life? The Aaronic Blessing is a timeless verse that asks God to bless us and grace us with His love and countenance, always.