What is the right Bar Mitzvah Gift amount to give in 2024?

How much money should you give for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift in 2024? Looking for bat or bar mitzvah gift ideas? You may be wondering what is the appropriate bar mitzvah gift etiquette or even what is an appropriate bat mitzvah gift? We are here to help you! Once you've chosen the amount you will be giving, the next step is to write the gift card message for the special young adult. Never fear, we've got some helpful examples of heartfelt gift card messaging you can use.

Here is a handy chart to use to figure out how much you want to give the bar or bar mitzvah boy or girl. Use our Multiples of 18 chart -> click on it to enlarge.

Bar Bat Mitzvah Gift Giving - How Much to Give Multiples of 18 Chart


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