10 Creative Ideas of Where to Hang Jewish Art Around Your Home

Jewish art can bring warmth, spirituality, and cultural significance to any home.

Hanging Jewish art around your home is a beautiful way to incorporate your faith and values into your decor. However, figuring out where to hang your favorite pieces can be a challenge. Do you go for a classic gallery wall or try something more unconventional? The possibilities are endless, but here are ten creative ideas of where to hang Jewish art around your home to help inspire you.

  1. Entryway:

Make a statement with your Jewish art in your entryway. A mezuzah, a large Jewish-themed painting, or a curated collection of smaller pieces can create a beautiful first impression.

  1. Kitchen:

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and is a great place to hang Jewish art that reflects your personal style. A gallery wall of Jewish-themed art or vintage Judaica can add warmth and character to the space.

  1. Bathroom:

Don't overlook outside the bathroom area as a potential Jewish art display space. Hanging an Asher Yatzar blessing outside the bathroom is a perfect way to bring spirituality to the space while also creating a beautiful moment for art. 

  1. Stairway:

A stairway is a unique and often underutilized space to hang Jewish art. Create a dynamic gallery wall that follows the stairway's incline or use the wall as a canvas for a large, dramatic piece. Small pieces, such as a Hamsa or a blessing for the home, can also add a pop of spirituality to an otherwise utilitarian space.

  1. Bedroom:

Hang Jewish art above your bed to create a spiritual and personal oasis. A large, colorful piece can brighten up the space, or a serene landscape with a Jewish motif can promote relaxation and calm.

  1. Living Room:

The living room is a natural choice for a gallery wall or a statement piece of Jewish art. Try a mix of sizes and styles to create a visually interesting display that reflects your faith.

  1. Home Office:

Make your workspace feel more inspiring by adding Jewish art that speaks to you. A gallery wall of Jewish quotes or Jewish-themed prints can create a personal and productive environment.

  1. Hallway:

A long, narrow hallway can be transformed into a mini-gallery of Jewish art by hanging a series of smaller pieces in a grid or staggered pattern.

  1. Children's Rooms:

Jewish art is an easy way to make a child's room feel personalized, spiritual, and fun. Hang colorful Jewish-themed prints or create a themed gallery wall featuring Jewish characters or symbols.

  1. Outdoor Spaces:

Take your Jewish art display outside and hang Jewish-themed pieces on your porch, deck, or patio. Weather-resistant pieces or prints behind glass can add a personal touch to your outdoor oasis.


Q: Can I mix different Jewish art styles on one wall? A: Absolutely! Mixing different Jewish art styles and mediums can create a visually interesting and eclectic display.

Q: How do I hang Jewish art without damaging my walls? A: Use picture-hanging hooks or adhesive strips to avoid damaging your walls. Always make sure to follow the weight and size guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Hanging Jewish art in your home is a personal and creative way to showcase your faith, spirituality, and cultural heritage. Whether you prefer a classic gallery wall or a more unconventional display, there are endless possibilities for where to hang your Jewish artwork. Try out these ten ideas, and don't be afraid to get creative and make it your own!

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