Here's where to hang your Christian wall art

The walls of our home speak volumes to those who enter it. If a picture is worth a thousand words then the art on our walls practically scream our values, priorities and beliefs to our friends, family and neighbors who enter our abode.

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Are you wondering where to hang your Christian art prints or wall art?

The walls of our home speak volumes to those who enter it. If a picture is worth a thousand words then the art on our walls practically scream our values, priorities and beliefs to our friends, family and neighbors who enter our abode. When my husband first came up with the vision that would become The Verse, it was born out of a frustration stemming from empty walls. Our home in Jerusalem had gorgeous 20 foot high ceilings but with that blessing came the challenge of lots of white empty walls. While I was happy to enjoy the visually minimal and streamlined look of clean walls, he was not. Every Shabbat meal that went by he would get more and more disappointed over the lost opportunity to share with our many guests around the table who we are, what we believe and why our faith is important to us. 

Sitting around the table one Friday night after our guests had left he shared with me an idea that had come to him while he was in synagogue praying the Shabbat prayers with our community. Not only were the words of the Torah (the Bible) beautiful and incredibly meaningful, filled with depths that one could spend their whole lives learning only to never scratch the surface, but the letters as written in a Torah scroll on parchment have unending levels of meaning and spirituality as well. What if we could combine those ideas to create art that we would want to hang on our walls, he asked. As he got more and more excited about the idea he was sharing with me, I saw the potential for incorporating my preference for a more clean and modern aesthetic. Something that you don't often see in traditional religious art. The wheels started turning for both of us and we couldn't sleep that night, as we both kept sharing all the thoughts that were spinning out of control. 

We have been on a journey that started that Shabbat night ever since, with our mission of sharing our Jewish faith, the Hebrew language and the words of Scripture and the Bible that sustain our life. 

If you are interested to see how you can incorporate beautiful and meaningful art into your home and life keep reading to see the full list of where you can hang framed Christian wall art

When thinking about hanging Christian or religious wall art around your home there are many rooms which can be the perfect setting. Take a tour with me around my home and I'll share where we hang our bible verse wall art. 

Our entry way sets the tone for the home and so we feature our Blessing for the Home piece for everyone who is coming and going through that space. It sets the mood for those entering our home as well as blesses those who are leaving it. Blessed is the home becomes the everlasting thought that flows through our entry way. 

Christian Wall Art for your Living Room

Next you might be wondering how we incorporate Christian wall decor in our living room? We choose to make a big statement both with the size of the custom frame and the bible verse we choose. I love the modern and bold look that the Shema prayer (Deuteronomy 6:4-9) framed piece gives the living room walls. 

Modern Christian Wall Art for a Dining Room:

Have you found yourself looking for Christian wall art for your dining room? If you are looking for a clean and modern piece of framed religious wall art to match your aesthetic I can help! That is exactly what I was looking for as well and designed what I wanted to hang on the walls of my dining room, I hope it's the perfect fit for what you are looking for as well. 

Christian Wall Art for the Kitchen:

Don't leave your kitchen behind! If your home is anything like mine then the kitchen is where we spend a great majority of our time. By hanging wall art that features scripture and bible verses I get to set the mood of my home and share my faith with my kids. Nourishing their physical bodies while serving their soul gives a lot of fulfillment to my dinner prep and dish washing. 

Framed Christian Wall Art for your Office or Storefront: 

Moving on to another room in the house that I spend a lot of my day in, my home office. I'm so grateful to be able to work from home but if you are working out of a cubicle or in an office outside your home you can still benefit from hanging some Christian wall art decor on the walls of your office space. 

Can you hang Christian wall art in a bathroom?

You might be wondering if it's okay to put Christian wall art or bible verse decor in the bathroom. Great question! I can only answer it from my perspective but in the Jewish faith we don't place the word of God or God's holy name in the bathroom. Since our art pieces feature the holy language of Hebrew, we don't put our artwork in the bathroom but we do have a special piece that we place right outside the bathroom or in the hallway outside of a powder room. It's a very special prayer thanking God for our health and for the miracle of a working body. You can find it here. 

Choosing Christian Wall Art for your Master or Primary Bedroom: 

If you continue down the hallway you will come to the bedrooms. When thinking of christian wall art for the bedroom I like to break it down into two sections. The master bedroom and the kids rooms. For the bedroom that my husband and I share I love to hang romantic and meaningful artwork that is focused on the two of us. This piece brings me a lot of delight every day and it's a reminder of our wedding day. 

Christian Wall Art for Nursery, Kids Room or Playroom: 

When thinking about decor for a nursery or the kids bedroom (or even playroom) I like to use personalized pieces with their names and birth dates on them. Our kids feel so special when they see the details of their birth hanging on the wall for all to see. We also utilize some of the more colorful pieces in our collections to bring a bright and playful feel to their space. Here are some of the pieces I've gotten for my kids. The morning blessing, the Alef Bet chart, and the Blessings for a son and daughter that we bestow on them every Friday night at the Shabbat table. 

Christian Wall Art for a New Home:

If you have just bought a new home, congratulations! It can be a daunting thought to fill an empty home. Your new walls might feel like they are calling out for things to hang on them but take your time and cultivate a collection of wall decor that fits your family and your faith. As I shared above, the main initial inspiration for us to start The Verse came from empty walls in a new home. When you do find the piece that fit your style of home decor and speaks to your heart it's a magical experience. 

I hope this list has been helpful for you as you go on your journey of decorating your home with modern christian wall art. Feel free to ask me any questions you have, I'm here to help! 

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