The Verse


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The Verse:  למען ציון לא אחשה ולמען ירושלם לא אשקוט

Translation: For the sake of Zion I will not be silent, for the sake of Jerusalem I will not be still

Source: Isaiah 62:1 

Dimensions: 9.80 inches x 9.80 inches

Ruthie's Thoughts: I sometimes wonder about the obsession the world has with Israel. Why is the (disproportionately negative) coverage so at odds with its size? Only after moving to Israel 10 years ago did it start to be come clear. 

This is a God issue, not a physical land issue, not a government issue, and not a culture issue. We are in the land because God commanded us to be there, plain and simple and our mere presence there is proof of God's existence. The forces of the world if left to themselves would move at a frightening pace towards the non-spiritual and non-Godly. As Jews we are taking a stand for God's presence in this world and his existence as the Creator of the world. Part of the way we do that is through our relationship with the land of Israel and the eternal city of Jerusalem. 

This short but mighty verse is a triumphant battle cry of support for the land of Israel and for God's truthfulness. Living in Israel under the constant attack of many who seek to destroy Israel, this verse is a constant reminder to us that we cannot stay silent as we face constant terrorism, political pressure, and anti-Godliness around the world.

It has become a necessity to take a stand for Israel - to actively advocate for her existence and prosperity every single day. Let this verse be a commitment to never forget Zion and to never stay in silence for Jerusalem.

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  • Judaica from Israel: This durable acrylic wall art print was proudly designed and made in Jerusalem, Israel. Shipped directly from the USA.

  • Make an Impact: We're honored to be able to tithe 10% of our profits to give to families in need living in the land of Israel.