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The Verse: אם אשכחך ירושלם תשכח ימיני

Translation: If I forget Jerusalem Let My Right Hand Leave Me

Source: Psalms 137:5

Dimensions: 11.75 inches x 11.75

Ruthie's Thoughts: This verse is such a famous and well known verse about Jerusalem. It's become a very personal verse for me and my family after we made Jerusalem our home for the past 10 years. It's commonly translated as "If I forget thee o'Jerusalem let my right hand be cut off," but I've come to understand this verse in a deeper vein after experiencing the holiness of the city.

We're being taught to view Jerusalem as more then just a physical city, as more then just a geographic location but to relate to it as the very center of humanity and the essence of God's presence in the world. A central thought in Judaism is that Jerusalem is a city for all nations and religions - all are welcome. When the Temple stood in the center of Jerusalem the walls would expand to fit all who came to pray in it; no one was turned away. The risk of forgetting Jerusalem is really the risk of losing our north star and of losing our way in the world. Even the risk of losing ourselves because without the guiding presence of Jerusalem we truly wouldn't have anything. Jerusalem is the center of humanity, the very essence of our beings and we pray to be reunited with it in a complete way once the 3rd temple is built.

Another beautiful way to to connect to this verse is that Jerusalem is so strongly a part of each and every person that to forget it would be as unbelievable as forgetting that your right hand is a part of your body. In other words, preposterous.  

This verse is a favorite of our son and is hanging up in his room amidst his drawings and family photos.

My hope for you is that this verse serves to strengthen your connection to God, Jerusalem and all of humanity while keeping you aligned with your purpose in the world.

  • Enhance Your Home: Invite happiness and light into your home with the word of God. Our scripture prints for your walls serve to inspire your mind, while reminding your family and guests of your values.

  • Vibrant Acrylic Print: Acrylic wall art offers vibrant splashes of color and a sleek look with a glass-like finish. Now you can display the perfect style for decorating a beautiful, modern Jewish home.

  • Ready to Hang Art: Each piece of artwork includes attached hanging hardware and wall spaces to keep the piece elevated off the wall, for a sophisticated and modern look. Includes full English translation and source on the back of each piece for reference.

  • Judaica from Israel: This durable acrylic wall art print was proudly designed and made in Jerusalem, Israel. Shipped directly from the USA.

  • Make an Impact: We're honored to be able to tithe 10% of our profits to give to families in need living in the land of Israel.

Hi there, I'm Ruthie

Thank you for stopping by The Verse! My husband, Asher and I started this business from our home in Jerusalem. We couldn't find any meaningful artwork, wall hangings or home decor that we loved to hang on our very empty walls. We were constantly on the lookout for fresh, minimalist and modern art that spoke to our values and beliefs. One Friday night, while we were sitting at our Shabbat table it hit us - we were surrounded by the ultimate artwork. The beauty of the Hebrew letters of the Torah... You can read more about our story here

The Verse - Your home for modern Jewish Art based on Bible Verses from the Old Testament



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