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Charity of the Month

Parnter with us to make a difference - every purchase you make lets us make a donation to these important causes

Every purchase you make lets us make a donation to these important causes

The Verse is on a mission to uncover and share the many practical principles and words of inspiration derived from the Bible that are our blueprint for life. We set out to turn the Verse into a vehicle that highlights a meaningful cause each month and donate a portion of our sales to it.

In our personal life we tithe 10% of our income and it's always been a dream of ours to donate 10% of our business revenue as well!

Thank you for being here and giving us this opportunity to serve you and together to make a difference for these important causes.

January Charity of the Month:

No Kid Hungry

Read all about how we choose this charity and the special offers we have for you this month HERE.

This month, in honor of LOVE and Valentine's Day, 10% of all proceeds will go to Share Our Strength - NO KID HUNGRY, whose mission is to end hunger and poverty in the U.S. and abroad.

As part of our Valentine's Day "Give More - Get More" promotion, if you are looking for a meaningful gift for your loved one, for yourself, or for any occasion, use "GIVELOVE" code to Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!

ALSO, for every "LIKE" or "SHARE" we get on Facebook or Instagram will add $1 to our final donation amount!

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