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The Ultimate Christian Gift Guide

Welcome to the complete guide to unique Christian gift giving.

Blessing important people in your life with a beautiful piece of art that reflects their faith, beliefs and values is truly a gift.

Thank God, life is full of beautiful occasions that we want to cherish and celebrate. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, graduation, Mother's Day or a baptism, finding the perfect gift that reflects what is in your heart is so meaningful - both to you and the reciepient.

I'm commited to making gift giving easy for you so here are some curated collections that include our most popular pieces.
- Ruthie Abraham, Designer & Founder of The Verse

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Picking the Perfect Gift Q&A

How to choose a baptism or christening gift?

To celebrate this beautiful moment in a family's spiritual journey with a meaningful gift is a special opportunity. Getting a baby gift that signifies the start of their relationship with God is a wonderful choice.

If you are looking for baptism gifts for boys or baptism gifts for girls I have a few ideas listed here.

What is the best gift idea for Godparents?

No doubt, whomever you choose to be the Godparent of your children will each bring their own unique and individual personality to the role. It can be hard to give a point blank answer that will fit everyone. A nice idea would be to customize the gift to their favorite bible verse or scripture so the gift can feel highly personal but be super simple for you to choose.

What is a great meaningful Mother's Day gift?

If there is a religious woman in your life then you likely want to be thinking about getting her a Christian mother's day gift. Something that speaks to her faith, beliefs and value system. But please don't forget to make sure it's beautiful too! :) If you are scrolling the internet searching for Christian gifts for mom then I might have the answer for you...

What is a great Father's Day gift for a hard to shop for man in my life?

When there is a dedicated man of God in your life, celebrate him every day! But in case you are sticking to the once a year model, you can't go wrong with these Christian Father's Day gift ideas. When you are searching for religious gifts for him or Christian gifts for dad that will hit the mark, think about the man you are honoring and what would be the most meaningful thing to him! 

What are great options for gifts to have around for those frequent events such as birthdays, graduations, gestures of friendships?

Planning ahead can make your day to day less chaotic and having some gifts on hand for various occasions throughout the year is a great way to cut down on your to do list. You might be thinking about where to find Christian graduation gifts or meaningful birthday gifts for your friends or even just a unique religious gift. We've created curated collections of our bible verse wall art so that it can be easy for you to find what you need while giving a gift that will have a powerful impact on the recipient. 

Do you have any ideas for a great gift to get my Pastor or for our Church anniversary? 

Showing appreciation to your pastor, minister, religious or spiritual figure in your life is a generous and beautiful gesture. Choosing a gift for someone who plays a central role in your life is important and it can be overwhelming to find the perfect gift. I have some ideas for Pastor appreciation gifts here and they would be a wonderful choice for celebrating a Church anniversary or even wall decor for your house of worship. 

This Christmas I really want to focus on gifts that mean something and aren't just another gadget. Any ideas? 

When thinking about how to ensure your christmas gifts are meaningful and in the Christian spirit this year look for presents that really speak to someone's soul or feed their desires to live a life centered around their faith. Religious Christmas gifts can be many things but most of all think about what you would love and chances are you'll be on the right track! 

Are you searching for more Christian gift ideas? Here are a few ideas for Religious Wedding Gifts, Baptism or Christening Gifts, and of course our Christmas Gift Guide

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