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Give the Gift of Love this Valentine's Day >> Free Offer for You + a Donation

A lesson about love from the Hebrew language

We're excited to announce and launch our special "GIVE MORE - GET MORE" Valentine's Day promo for this year, a way for sharing and spreading the love to the most important people in our lives while supporting NO KIDS HUNGRY - an extra meaningful way to do so! 

There are several ways to participate in this exciting initiative:

1) This is a wonderful time to get a gift for anyone in your life or to get a beautiful piece of art for yourself. Why not both? Take advantage of this very special offer of **Buy 1, Get 1 FREE** for a limited time! Use the code: GIVELOVE at checkout to get 2 Bible verse art prints for the price of 1 (And always, free shipping!)

2) When you make a purchase on our site we will be donating 10% of your order to No Kid Hungry!

3) When you share or like any of our posts on social media we will be donating $1.00 to the No Kid Hungry organization (see more about them below and why we choose them!) You can find us on Facebook here and Instagram here.*

You can shop our LOVE Collection here or see our Gift Guides for Valentine's Day Gifts for Her or Valentine's Day Gifts for Him.

We really wanted to create a special initiative that would put a new spin on what love means and how it can manifest in our lives.

a lesson about love from the Hebrew language

{ Credit for the below information goes to Chabad. I thought this article did a beautiful job of summing up what Ahava, the Hebrew word for love means. You can see the full article here. }

In Hebrew the word for love is “Ahava.” Because Hebrew is a holy language, the structure of the word, down to each letter serves to define its essence. The root of Ahava is Hava, which literally means to offer or to give. It also shares a root with the word, Ahav, which means to nurture, or to devote completely to another.
So the essence of the Hebrew word Ahava (love) is not an emotion, it’s an action. Love in its purest form is not something that happens to us, it is a condition that we create when we give of ourselves.
If we look at the Hebrew word for “giving,” it is “Natan.” Which is spelled, nun, tuf, nun. Whether you read it backwards or forwards, it reads the same. Implicit in the Hebrew word for giving, is the essence of what giving is all about. When we give away, we always get back. It is a beautiful circle, and a secret to creating love in any relationship.

Isn't that beautiful? So no matter what day you want to express your love (why not every day!?) this word can point to how you can best love the important people in your life.

Why the charity component? Giving Tzdakah (charity in Hebrew) is a foundational principal in our life. It's something that has always been important to us and we love the idea of getting you involved as well! Together we can create so much more then apart.

Why No Kid Hungry?

When we were deciding on a cause for this initiative I went to my favorite Instagram follow, Kristin Andrus who has a highlight about Giving Back. She does a tremendous amount of charity work and acts of service and I knew she would have the perfect recommendation. I saw her talk about the work that No Kid Hungry does and it really struck me as the perfect cause for this promotion. First of all, we can all get behind kids and there is nothing needed more in the world right now then unity. Second of all, as a parent myself, my heart breaks and emphasizes with a parent who is struggling to feed their kids. If we can alleviate even the smallest part of that struggle for them then I'm ALL FOR IT.

Thank you so much for partnering with us to make this possible and scroll back up to the 3 different ways you can get involved and make a difference during this season of love and giving!

Thank you,


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