50+ Best Christian Gift Ideas for Women

When I think about gifts, one of the first things that comes to mind is 1 Peter 4:10: "Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in various forms." This prayer perfectly captures the spirit of Christian gifting: the best gifts are those that are not just beautiful but help strengthen the receiver’s relationship with God.

If you have a special Christian woman in your life that you want to get a meaningful gift for, it can get quite overwhelming to find the perfect present – something that is both cheerful and spiritual. This is where I can help – I’ve put together a useful gift of 50+ Christian gift ideas for every woman of faith, be it a mother, wife, sister, daughter, grandma, aunt, teacher, or friend. This master gift list will make your holiday shopping much easier and will help you pick out thoughtful gifts that honor your woman’s faith. In fact, you’re sure to make any occasion extra special with these gifts, from Christmas and birthdays to Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, and just about any celebration.

  1.   Bible Journal  

Journals are a wonderful way to put a smile on your lovely lady’s face while encouraging her faith. Bible journals help organize study notes, prayers, and observations. In addition, allow you to reflect, create art, and delve deeper into the wonders of the Lord. A great gift for quiet time! 

  1.   Hand-painted/illustrated Bible

Perfect for both artists and art lovers, a handpainted or illustrated Bible is a delight to read. This gorgeous gift will brighten your woman's day every time she opens it. Illustrated Bibles usually come with larger margins for notetaking and journaling, which means she can personalize it too.

  1.   Postcards

Postcards with scripture will spread the message of the Lord far and wide. This thoughtful gift is a wholesome way to pay it forward and bless the lives of loved ones with some joy in the mail.


You can’t go wrong with a bookmark – not only are they quite useful while reading the Bible, but there are plenty of options to personalize and customize them. For instance, you can get wooden bookmarks with names engraved on them, or pick a bookmark with her favorite quote written on it. This gift will add more value to her prayer time.

  1.   Study Bible

A study Bible includes notes, reading plans, charts, and other devotionals that will enhance her reading experience. This will deepen her faith and empower her to live the Christian life as God wills. A study Bible is a lovely addition to any Christian woman’s library.

  1.   Bible highlighter set

If your girl loves to journal, look no further than a set of Bible highlighter pens. These adorable markers usually come with verses printed on them for added joy. These pens are great for highlighting, journaling, and making notes in your woman’s Bible. Further, they usually come with distinct scents, making prayer time even more fun. Bonus: Look for erasable markers and highlighters so that her Bible journal never has a color out of place.

  1.   Bible poster

Enhance the ambiance of your woman's prayer room with a meaningful poster of her favorite verse or gospel. An illustrated Bible poster (or a poster with some empowering text on it) will remind her that God is always with her. This will keep her faith and deepen her relationship with the Lord.

  1.   Advent calendar

Spread the joy of Advent with a calendar that holds a sweet surprise for every day. You can even make your calendar with thoughtful goodies for each day – think of incense, scented candles, a necklace, a Prayer journal, or even some socks! 

  1.   Tee/hoodie/sweatshirt

I love wearing my faith on my sleeve, quite literally. Let your woman wear her love for Christ with a themed tee, hoodie, or sweatshirt. The apparel can have verses on it, or even a cheeky message – think “I put the ‘Stud’ in Bible Study!”

  1.   Cap

If you’re looking for an easy gift that’s both fun and functional, a cap may just be your answer. I’m not talking about just any cap, but a printed or embroidered hat that has a verse or quote on it. My favorite is one that has short quotes on it, like 'Be the light' or 'Faith.' You can also opt for her fav verse on it or a simple 'I <3 Jesus.'

  1.   Bag

Perfect for women on the go, a bag is a smart way to help your woman keep her things organized. A bag with a quote or verse on it is the perfect addition for her Bible study group!

  1.   Scented candle

Your woman’s precious time of prayer is certain to be enhanced with a scented candle. Find a pleasing flavor and place it near her favorite chair. The next time she sits down to read the Bible, she’ll love how peaceful she feels!

  1.   Prayer box

A prayer box is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get a woman of faith. The idea is simple – every time she feels a prayer, she writes it down on a piece of paper and drops it in the box. Once she has dropped it in, she can stop praying on it because she has already sent her prayer to God. He will take care of it whenever He deems, so she can stop worrying about it. A wooden prayer box (or even a DIY mason jar prayer box) will serve as a lovely reminder of Christ’s love.

  1.   Blanket

A cozy, comfy blanket is a must-have for your woman as it will help her calm down and destress as she prepares for prayer. As she settles on her favorite armchair with a comforting verse, a warm blanket will help her feel the presence of the Lord around her.

  1.   Engraved jewelry

I’m a huge fan of minimalistic jewelry that I can wear close to my heart. For instance, a necklace engraved with the Lord's message is my go-to every day to feel Him near my heart. My sister prefers rings, so I got her a ring with "My cup runneth over” on it so she feels abundance flowing from her hands. If your woman is fond of jewelry, you can’t go wrong with this!

  1.   Even more jewelry

Some women may prefer jewelry with visual reminders instead of engraved text. You can opt for necklaces with frames on them so you can place images of Christ, Mary, or a chapel that’s close to her heart. A friend of mine has photos from her Baptism enclosed in a necklace – so cute!

  1.   Letter bracelets

I have a thing for letter bracelets because I can customize them for every woman I know. You can order customized bracelets online or even make them at home with a kit – this is the perfect activity to do with kids before the holidays start!

  1.   Stone bracelets

Stone bracelets add a classy yet modest touch to any outfit. From simple crosses to bracelets signifying the Seven Days, a layered stone bracelet look will never go out of style!

  1.   String bracelets

String bracelets are a go-to for busy women who would love something durable and colorful. You can pick a bracelet to remind her of a cherished parable or a psalm. Feel free to pick more than one for a layered look!

  1.   Wristbands

Wristbands are perfect for women with active lifestyles. They are stretchy, waterproof, and created for comfort. Since she’ll wear one all day, a wristband is an easy way to remind her of her faith throughout the day.

  1.   Bracelet with charms

I promise this is my last bracelet recommendation. A bracelet with charms on it will certainly appeal to your daughter or niece. She can wear it to school, Bible class, or even whilst out with her friends!  

  1.   Prayer journal

A prayer journal makes a thoughtful gift for women of any age. If a prayer box doesn’t resonate with you, a prayer journal is a great alternative. Similar to a box, drop in all your prayers in the journal to let your prayers reach God. Once a prayer has been written down, she can stop ruminating and worrying about it and wait on God to bless her in His time.

  1.   Ink pen set

An essential for a lady who loves her journals, an ink pen set will add more joy to her Bible journaling time. She can also use it to write letters to her loved ones and spread some faith.


  1.   Subscription box

A curated Bible subscription box is a great way to encourage your woman’s faith and inspire her every month. You can pick a box that is best suited to her faith goals so that she grows closer to God with each box. These boxes come with hand-picked devotionals, stickers, jewelry, scripture cards, and much more!

  1.   Mug

I can’t get enough of my coffee mug that says, “This girl runs on coffee and Jesus.” It brings a giggle to my face every time I see it and reminds me that I can find God in every part of my life, even my morning brew. A cheeky mug will remind your woman to begin each day by thinking of God.

  1.   Prayer calendar

Ideal for a woman that loves to organize, a prayer calendar will help her schedule some much-needed alone time with God. In fact, this can also be used by family women to schedule prayer time with the whole family. A prayer calendar is a smart way to get the kids involved in scheduling too!

  1.    Bible Verse Wall art

I love being reminded of God’s love and faith anywhere I turn. This explains why I’m a huge fan of wall art of scripture. From framed verses to memorable quotes, I can’t get enough of Biblical wall art. I’m sure your lovely lady will appreciate some too, be it murals, framed paintings, or even a DIY poster.

  1.   Bulletin board

A corkboard or bulletin board will add an extra personal touch to every bedroom or prayer room. An empty corkboard will give your woman the freedom to switch up the décor anytime she likes. She can put up some posters, encouraging messages, or even pin up her prayer calendar for the family to see.

  1.   Pillow/throw pillow

A pillow (or a throw) with an inspirational message on it will serve as a lovely reminder to seek comfort in God before she goes to sleep. My favorite is a pillow that says “Give it to God and go to sleep” because the message is so pure and comforting. Not only does it give me restful sleep, but it’s so soft and squishy!

  1.   Napkins and holders

Embroidered (reusable) napkins and holders are the best of both worlds – they’re super cute and sustainable too. I’m a huge fan of napkins embroidered with thoughtful text that will remind us of God while at the dinner table. Words like ‘Thankful,’ ‘Grateful’ and ‘Grace’ are certain to welcome the word of God at every meal.

  1.   Tea towels

Similar to napkins, tea towels can also be personalized to include verses, devotionals, and meaningful quotes. In fact, tea towels can hold larger sentences that are perfect to accessorize your home with something divine.

  1.   Utility tote

A practical gift for the working woman, a utility tote is a smart way to store all her essentials. I love taking my ‘God’s Gift’ tote to my Bible study group as it sets the mood even before I step out of the home. It’s also a great conversation starter!

  1.   Lunch bag

Similar to a utility tote, a lunch bag with a thoughtful message written on it will not only remind your woman to thank God for His blessings before every meal but will also be a lovely conversation starter to connect with other Christians.

  1.   Coloring Bible

A must-have for every mom, a coloring Bible is a creative way to get the kids involved and do some Bible work together. Young kids can start coloring while listening to parables, while older children can recite the stories themselves while they color – I love this Christian family bonding activity!

  1.   Keychain

A keychain is such a useful household item that can be personalized to remind your woman to live for Jesus. Since she will use it every day, she’s certain to thank you for a gift that will remind her of her faith every time she sees it.

  1.   Picture frame

A picture frame will decorate any mantel and will fill your woman’s heart with joy every time she sees it. A frame large enough to hold a family photo will warm her soul and remind her to stay true to God and her God-given family.

  1.   Planner

Similar to a prayer calendar, a planner is a great gift for a woman who runs on a tight schedule. This useful gift will mean a lot to her as this is something she can rely on every day. In addition, she can jot in some meaningful prayer time every day to reaffirm her faith too.

  1.   Post-its

Who doesn’t love Post-its? I particularly adore some printed Post-its that have different verses on each tag. It’s such a lovely surprise to tear one open every day and read something that makes my heart soar. Plus, it looks adorable on my Bible journal!

  1.   Phone case

A phone case with Scripture on it is such a genius way to spread the word of Christ whilst on the move. Not only does it look great, but it is a fun conversation starter. Why not share the gospel while keeping your phone protected? Win-win!

  1.   Pop socket

Add some extra zing to your phone case with a cute Biblical pop socket. My fav is a pop socket with mustard seed art on it, inspired by the parable of the mustard seed. What an adorable idea!

  1.   Ornament

Who said you need to wait till December to gift ornaments to the women in your life? A Bible-inspired ornament is a year-round reminder of the joys of Christmas and the birth of the Lord. My favorite is a hilarious bauble with “Keep calm and trust the Lord” written on it.

  1.   Nativity set

A nativity set is a charming way for your woman to keep Christ at the center of celebration every December. Depending on the décor of the home, you can pick sets that are grand, minimalistic, or quite imaginative.

  1.   Bible cover

The most important item in every Christian woman’s home is her Bible. A cover for this precious book is a thoughtful way to protect her faith and encourage her to spend more time in prayer.

  1.   Scripture memory cards

I love scripture memory cards because they serve as helpful reminders of the word of God around my house. I prefer placing a few cards around the house – on the dinner table, on the fridge, the bathroom, bedrooms, and even pinned above my front door – so that everywhere I go, I see God’s grace around me.  

  1.   Clip-on book light

If your lovely lady likes to read the gospel before she sleeps, a clip-on book light can be your go-to gift. This is particularly useful if she lives in a dorm where a bedside lamp is not convenient, making it a sweet gift for college students.

  1.   Essential oils

Essential oils can be used in God-honoring ways by having a Biblical motive. Get your woman some essential oils and a diffuser so that she can read her Bible and cherish her time glorifying God while relaxing with some lavender goodness.

  1.   Bible verse jar

One of my most cherished gifts is a Bible verse jar that my niece and nephew made me. They wrote 50 verses in 50 slips of paper and placed them inside a mason jar. Whenever I feel lost, I pick a verse from the jar to remind myself of God’s blessings and love. Works like a charm every time!

  1.   Box of greeting cards

Similar to postcards, a box of greeting cards will go a long way in spreading the message of the Lord far and wide. By gifting your loved one a box of cards, you can help her spread more joy and love when she sends some seasons’ greetings your way.

  1.   Enamel pins

Enamel pins are super cute accessories that can serve as reminders of faith (like a ‘Jesus’ or ‘Christ Power’ pin!). I love using enamel pins to jazz up my tote bags, and I’m sure your woman would love to too!

  1.   Wooden cutting board

A cutting board engraved with a prayer or blessing is a lovely way to thank God for His abundance and grace whilst preparing every meal. This is a wholesome reminder to keep God in our minds while going about with everyday tasks.

  1.   Beanie

As colder weather dawns upon us, a beanie embroidered with a Biblical message will not only keep your woman warm but will remind her of her faith.

  1.   Sticker pack

Sticker packs brighten my day like no other. I take great joy in decorating my laptop and Hydroflask with cheerful Christian stickers. This last-minute birthday gift will bring a smile to your lady’s face and keep God’s name on her lips.

  1.   Tissue box

This gift always makes me giggle. A tissue box with the message "God bless you" is not only super useful but a fun way to remind us to keep the faith!  

  1.   Affirmation cards

Affirmation cards go a long way in helping us keep our faith and believe in God’s plan. Cards with messages like “God loves me,” “God knows best,” and “Christ is my savior” will encourage the women in your life to spend more time in prayer and deepen their relationship with the Father.

  1.   Wallet/purse

Every woman needs a reminder of the verse so succinctly put forth by Philippians 4:19: “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” A wallet or purse embossed with similar reminders makes a charming and useful gift that your woman will appreciate every day.

 Final thoughts

I’ve curated this list to give you easy ideas for 50+ Christian gifts for every woman in your life. Not only are these gifts practical and useful, but they are certain to remind her of how much God loves her. These gifts are fun, inspiring, and beautiful all at once. If you have more ideas for gifts that will inspire strength and love, share them in the comments section!