The Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide

Another school year has come and gone, and there’s someone special in your life who is a college or high school graduate. Whether the graduate is your son or daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, or another friend or relative, their accomplishments are worth celebrating! You’ll want to wish them the very best and give a gift they’ll treasure long after they’ve hung up their cap and gown.

Looking for a great way to send heartfelt congrats to the special graduate in your life? We’ll help you find the perfect gift that’s sure to be appreciated.

Here are some graduation gift ideas that will bring you to the head of the class.

Gifts for the next stage of life 

Graduation isn’t simply the ending of one life stage. It’s also often a new beginning. Maybe the graduate is going off to college, graduate school, or starting a job. Perhaps they’ll be moving somewhere new, traveling, or interning while they figure out their next move.

A gift for their new job or new living situation can be ideal for the graduate who is at a crossroads. An item for their new digs is a great choice, especially if it’s the first time they’ll be living off campus or away from their childhood home. Trendy kitchenware like an instant pot, an air fryer, or something else in the cooking realm can be fun and practical for the graduate who will no longer be enjoying mom or dad’s cooking, or school cafeteria offerings. 

Keepsakes and novelty gifts

There’s no shortage of adorable novelty items out there that let your special graduate feel the love. Personalized keepsakes and novelty gifts are a cute, often inexpensive way to show you took the time to think about what the graduate likes and what would put a smile on his or her face. Printed t-shirts, socks, mugs, canvas photo blocks, and lots more make a great gift for a graduate. Print the item with the graduate’s name, school, class, or a witty saying about the occasion. 

Wall Art

Looking for an inspiring gift to set the graduate on a meaningful path for the next stage of life? A gift of art sends a message focused on what the graduate values and appreciates in life. Art of all kinds makes an ideal gift for a graduate. Wall art with a relevant, biblical message can send a particularly poignant message when given as a graduation gift for him or for her. There are several bible verses that make an appropriate graduation gift, and they can be customized according to school colors, as well as personalized with the name, date, and school of the graduate. 


A class ring, a beautiful necklace, or a pair of nice earrings are just some of the great jewelry gift ideas for graduates. A nice watch makes a particularly popular graduation gift that is, well, timeless. A gift of jewelry will always be cherished and really empowers your graduate to shine. A little bit of luxury is always a classic way to mark a momentous occasion such as a graduation.

Gift Subscriptions

Does a gift card feel impersonal? Gift subscription boxes have become a hugely popular way to show the graduate that you care. Available in a wide array of themes and interests, consider a monthly gift box subscription that will send a pampering surprise to your favorite graduate for a year after graduation. Wines, specialty foods, plants, books, and candles are just some of the great items out there that you can gift a graduate via a monthly subscription service. Gift subscriptions allow the grad to get a taste of a bunch of new things over time, kind of like life itself after graduation. 

Electronics and Gadgets

Graduates belong to the future, and what’s more futuristic than a technology or electronic gift for graduation? Laptop computers, earbuds, tablets, and gaming equipment make great gifts for your favorite grad. Some tech gifts are great ways to help the graduate transition into professional life, and some electronics like gaming supplies are ideal for blowing off some steam now that exams and term papers are finally a thing of the past.


Fresh out of ideas? Cold, hard cash is always a solid backup option. Though less personal, it will no doubt be appreciated and put to good use in the graduate’s life. Be sure to include a card in which you convey your own well wishes to the graduate.

No matter what graduation gift you choose, the message is clear - you’re proud of the graduate in your life and can’t wait to watch them conquer the world, wherever life takes them next. And that earns you an A+!

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