DIY Make at Home Birthday Gift for a 1 year old

Q: What birthday gift can you make at home for a one-year-old? My niece is turning one in a month and I’m out of ideas!

- Sophie.

A: Dear Sophie,  

A first birthday is so exciting! I think it’s adorable that you want to add a personal touch to your niece’s gift. I completely understand your confusion too – it’s not like you can ask a one-year-old what they want. Trust me, I’ve tried!

Since you want to make your gift at home, I’d advise going for the long haul. Write your niece some lovely letters that she can open when she turns 10, 13, 15, and 18. Make sure to include some sage wisdom and life advice while you’re at it. I’m sure she’ll appreciate your insights (and you can be the cool, wise aunt!)

If you’re on the creative side, you can make a collage of her baby photos. Pick a photo for every month, decorate the sheet with some cute stickers, and you’ve got a work of art in your hands!

May we suggest: A piece of art for her nursery walls 

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