Best Birthday Gift for a New Mom (she's a teacher!)

Q: My cousin (who is a teacher) had a baby last week! Her birthday is coming up next month, and I'm trying to come up with birthday gift ideas for the new mom. What gifts can you get for a teacher who has just had a baby? - Delilah


A: Dear Delilah,

Congratulations to your cousin! Motherhood is such a magical journey, and I know she’s going to love every step of the way. It’s got its own set of challenges too. So, think about gifts that would make her life easier now.

A new mother can use all the help she gets, especially when she’s a teacher. If you live in the same city, you could volunteer to babysit while she rests and recovers. In case you’re looking for a gift to pamper her, how about a manicure coupon or an at-home spa set? This way, she’ll be able to relax and get some rest.

May we suggest: This special art print will invigorate her in her new role as a mother: Proverbs 31:29

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