10+ Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Couples (or Yourself!)

So much planning goes into a wedding! Flowers, seating arrangements, music, dresses for the entire wedding party…There’s no end to the preparations. But the wedding ceremony and reception pass quickly. The bond between a married couple, on the other hand, lasts for many years to come. This is why a wedding anniversary warrants true celebration. A couple’s wedding anniversary is a testament to the ideal that love grows. The couple’s relationship has developed and become stronger with each passing year.

Anniversaries are a great time to reflect on what the couple has been through together, and to honor the love they share. A couple works to nurture their relationship consistently throughout the year, while a wedding anniversary is a concrete marker of the passage of time. An anniversary celebrates the love and achievements the couple has experienced together to date. 

Looking for a gift that gets it just right for an anniversary? Whether the celebrated couple are family or friends, a meaningful anniversary gift lets the couple know their union is truly something to celebrate. 

Whether you’re celebrating your own wedding anniversary or that of a loved one, when that day comes around on the calendar, you want it to be special. Celebrating your parents’ anniversary? It’s the perfect opportunity to give them a nice gift that shows appreciation for all they’ve done for you. What about a sibling’s wedding anniversary? A great gift expresses their unique personalities and values. Is it the anniversary of a coworker? Show your admiration for them with a thoughtful anniversary gift.

Maybe it’s a milestone anniversary for your grandparents. Every year they share is precious, added to a lifetime of memories. For a longtime couple, their anniversary is a testament to the fact that they nurtured and developed their connection day after day, no doubt sharing many ups and downs along the way. A meaningful present lets them know that their relationship is important to you, too. 

As tradition has it, there’s an age-old practice of giving a gift related to a specific material for each anniversary. While not a must, the classic anniversary themes (paper, cotton, leather, etc.) date back to medieval times, and it’s nice to connect to practices that have lasted throughout the ages. As you go down the list, the materials used get stronger with each passing year, a poignant allusion to the couple’s connection becoming stronger and more solid with time. 

First anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with the gift of paper. Paper is fragile yet substantial, a blank slate on which much can be written, making it particularly suitable for a first anniversary. Paper can take the form of many things, so feel free to get creative! Honor your paper anniversary with books, sheet music of a special song you both love, or a piece of wall art expressing a saying or biblical verse that guides your marriage. Other paper gift ideas for him or her include customized maps, tickets to a show, or a photobook. 

When spouses choose a gift for one another, it should be personal and meaningful. This isn’t the occasion for another beer glass, golf putter, or some other generic knick knack that will gather dust on the shelf. An anniversary gift says, “Our relationship is a priority to me,” and it should always come from the heart. 

A unique, customized gift says that extra thought and intent was put into it. Wall art can be personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date, or can include a verse from Scripture that is particularly significant to them. Art featuring a biblical verse infuses meaning and spirituality into the home, a fitting expression of a couple’s dedication to one another. 

An anniversary is a great time to take stock of a relationship. A gift can be a springboard for discussing where you are as a couple and realigning your relationship goals. Use one of the ideas shared here, or think of your own. Create rituals together that you’ll revisit each year. And tie it all together with a thoughtful anniversary gift. Whether it’s for a first anniversary, or one many happy years into the future, the perfect gift is sure to delight the happy couple. Cheers!

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